Prevent quest sequence and series break:

You must complete each quest-line per city correctly with their priorities otherwise you might bug your character’s quest line and you will need to contact the staff to solve it for you for almost week.

Prevent item quest loss:

You must keep your inventory/belongings empty each time you are going to start a new quest.

Prevent puppets loss:

You might rely too much on puppet upgrades until you are nowhere to operate your puppets or lose important skills they wield.

Promotion quests:

They aren’t working so you have to use promotion item from reward chest that is provided by admins to skip them and complete them. However, we aren’t sure if they keep providing it after 7th February from steam launch.

Side quests:

Never be in rush to finish main quests without finishing your side quests first otherwise you will lose an important side quest that can support you in an important feature in soon future!

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