Mystic shards

It is the currency which is known by crystals, you can grind it from exploration dungeons once you have killed the boss. At Aria office manager you can open Aria supply box for random reward the few items you normally get from daily attendance

Mystic Stones

You can obtain it the same way you obtain mystic shards with but at specified dungeons and you can use at seal shop NPC via mysterious stone shop

Spark of disaster

It is currency which you earn from raids or dailies of association missions. They can be used at merchant of fortune for various rewards whether strong 5 star weapons or random 6 star weapon via box or any other scroll/related items.

Adventurer Association Seal

It can be obtained easily through dailies of association missions! You can use it seal shop for belts, necklace and/or any missing gears that you can’t get normally anywhere!

Companionship Seal

It can be used to bring furniture in guild hall and rumors say it can bring guild some kind of bonus! Like skills and such whether passive or cast spells

Labyrinth Mana Fragment

You can earn from labyrinth runs or from dailies of association missions. You can use it at seal shop to buy heroes trace or at labyrinth NPC of each floor to buy new items concerns ability skills or gears!

Gold Grand Coin

You can earn from association missions for free if you complete the entire weekly missions!


You can earn it as a drop from killing monsters, completing quests, dungeons, doing trade through vendors and selling items to NPC. 

Heroes Trace Bronze

It can be earned through completion of Heroes Article 1 Set and killing world bosses.

Heroes Trace Silver

It can be earned through completion of Heroes Article 2 Set and killing world bosses.

Heroes Trace Gold

It can be earned through completion of Heroes Article 3 Set and killing world bosses.

Puppet Crystal

You can earn it by disassembling your puppets.

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